Visa support

Dear Freinds,  

Please kindly note that foreign participants or guests of the competition — residents of countries beyond the borders of the Russian Federation — are required to obtain Russian entrance visas.

Citizens of European Union not later than 21 days before your entry and preferably even earlier, send the following information to Russian Swimming Federation for attention of Marina Kolmykova and Copy to the Organizing Committee office for attention of Alina Kuznetsova

  • A copy of your passport in good quality
  • Information for admission to Russia from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- Your first and last names (all names as in Passport)

- Date of birth

- Place of birth

- Citizenship

- Country of residence

- Passport number

- Date of passport issue

- Validity of the passport (passports must be valid for six months beyond the date the traveler will exit Russian Federation)

- Place of employment (full name of the organization) with full address, telephone, fax

- Date of entry to/departure from Russia

- Name of the border crossing point of the Russian Federation (for example Domodedovo airport Moscow)

- Other cities for visit or destination (Saint Petersburg+ others in case of transit, for example Moscow).

Please note there is a limited number of flights between EU and Russia and most of them are operating to/from Moscow airports only. There are connecting flights with Turkish Airlines via Istanbul operating to Saint Petersburg. Before purchasing your ticket, please carefully check actual operating flights with your travel agent/advisor.


  1. The Organising Committee will get an admission to Russia from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, after which you can apply for your entry visa. Visa processing period at the specified Russian Consulate will take you nearly 3-5 days. Type of visa – Sports Relations.Fees charged by the consulate are your responsibility.
  2. The information will simultaneously be sent to the border crossing point mentioned above.
  3. Only competitors (athletes, coaches, specialists) can get an admission to Russia. Family members are not allowed.
  4. While entering Russia, you must have the result of a PCR test for Covid-19 (in Russian or in English), made no earlier than 72 hours before the entry.


Official Salnikov Cup travel agent & Organizing Committee office:

Kalinka InternationalRussia

Saint-Petersburg Liteiny pr. 61, office 18
tel: +7 (812) 973 62 82,+7 (812) 273 96 36, fax: +7 (812) 719 80 17