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Welcome to Salnikov Cup 2019! Join us from 19-22, December in St. Petersburg. Please, send your applications to

I would say the biggest achievement of all was the athletic edge, the struggle for victory, the sporting atmosphere, and the drive that everyone — the athletes, the honoured guests and the spectators — all felt.

Vladimir Salnikov
President of Russian Swimming Federation
Four-time Olympic swimming champion

About The Vladimir Salnikov Cup

Programme and prize fund

19.12.2019 Arrival

Entries and Mandatory Commission, Team managers meeting, Judges Meeting, Pool training.

20.12.2019         Competition programme
Morning. 10.00
Evening. 17.00
  Program of day:
100 м. freestyle M
200 м. freestyle W
50 м. breaststroke M
100 м. breaststroke W
200 м. IM  M 
100 м. butterfly W
100 м. backstroke M
50 м. backstroke W
200 м. butterfly M
400 м. freestyle M
50 м. freestyle W
200 м. breaststroke M
800 м. freestyle W fastest heat
200 м. backstroke W
50 м. butterfly M
4х100 м. freestyle mixed relay W M
21.12.2019                 Competition  programme 
Morning.  9.30
Evening. 16.00
  Program of day:
100 м. freestyle W
200 м. freestyle M
50 м. breaststroke W
100 м. breaststroke M
200 м. IM W 
100 м. butterfly M
100 м. backstroke W
50 м. backstroke M
200 м. butterfly W
400 м. freestyle W

50 м. freestyle M
200 м. breaststroke W
1500 м. freestyle M fastest heat
200 м. backstroke M
50 м. butterfly W
4х50 м. IM mixed Relay M W
22.12.2019 Departure day


Competition Prize Money.

Winners and prizewinners for each distance are awarded the following medals and money prizes:

      1st place: RUB 40,000
      2nd place: RUB 25,000
      3rd place: RUB 15,000

The FINA Points Table will be used to determine the best athletes of the competition amongst men and women. They shall be awarded valuable money prizes and other awards:

      1st place for women: RUB 300,000
      1st place for men: RUB 300,000

Athletes who set new records in individual events of the programme are awarded money prizes to the following values:

      A Russian record: RUB 40,000 (only Russian athletes)
      A European record: RUB 80,000
      A World record: RUB 300,000

— The Organizing Committee reserves the right to award special prizes as part of the competition.
— The Organizing Committee calculates and pays taxes on the amount of the prize money in accordance with the laws of the Russian Federation.
— Each prizewinning athlete is responsible for any additional obligatory tax payments, including those which must be paid in accordance with the laws of their respective country.
— Please kindly send scan of your passport’ first page with photo and screen shot of your bank details during registration for payment of prize reward in case of prize winning.






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