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Welcome to Salnikov Cup 2019! Join us from 19-22, December in St. Petersburg. Please, send your applications to

I would say the biggest achievement of all was the athletic edge, the struggle for victory, the sporting atmosphere, and the drive that everyone — the athletes, the honoured guests and the spectators — all felt.

Vladimir Salnikov
President of Russian Swimming Federation
Four-time Olympic swimming champion


«Vladimir Salnikov Cup» will take place in Saint-Petersburg on 20-21 December 2019


«Vladimir Salnikov Cup» will take place in Saint-Petersburg on 20-21 December 2019

XIII International Salnikov Cup will take place traditionally in Saint-Petersburg at the Saint-Petersburg Swimming Center. This year few changes will take place. 

The President of Russian Swimming Federation, 4 times champion of the Olympic Games Vladimir Salnikov has announced the following changes for 2019:

- Salnikov Cup is considered not only the annual swimming tournament, but also opportunity for rising stars and young athletes. This year we have taken a decision to introduce extra bonus for athletes that will take 1-3 place in individual competition and who’s prize money will reach 100 000 rubles or more. Bonus price will be 50 000 rubles. We hope that this will be additional motivation for competition and will inspire athletes to show their best results. All prize money are subject to taxation in accordance with current law of Russian Federation.

- The following changes in Salnikov Cup team has taken place:

New Salnikov Cup Managing Director- Alina Kuznetsova
Salnikov Cup Councelor- Julia Martina
Financial Director- Anna Nikul
Main completion judge- Viktor Kuznetsov
Sport program director- Marina Kalmykova 

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