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Welcome to Salnikov Cup 2019! Join us from 19-22, December in St. Petersburg. Please, send your applications to

I would say the biggest achievement of all was the athletic edge, the struggle for victory, the sporting atmosphere, and the drive that everyone — the athletes, the honoured guests and the spectators — all felt.

Vladimir Salnikov
President of Russian Swimming Federation
Four-time Olympic swimming champion




Владимир Сальников Vladimir Salnikov,
President of the Russian Swimming Federation,
Four-time Olympic swimming champion.
Chairman of Organizing Committee

Alina Kuznetsova,
Manager of the Salnikov Cup Reception Group
Director of Kalinka International
+7 812 273 96 36
+7 812 973 62 82

Миронов Александр Петрович Victor Kuznetsov,
Chief Judge of the competitions
Honored Master of Sports of Russia,
Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sport of Russia, 
Honored coach of Russia
+7 911 911 33 93

Marina Kolmykova,
Head of Sports Events Department
of the Russian Swimming Federation
+ 7 965 187 55 07
please send your entries to:

Elena Grigorieva,
Manager of the Salnikov Cup support group
+7 911 219 21 32

Erzhena Batotsirenova,
Press Attache of the Salnikov Cup
+7 921 320 48 02
+7 921 910 87 43

For correspondence:

Farvater Business Center 
7, ul. Vvedenskogo kanala, office 406, St. Petersburg, 190013, Russia

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