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I would say the biggest achievement of all was the athletic edge, the struggle for victory, the sporting atmosphere, and the drive that everyone — the athletes, the honoured guests and the spectators — all felt.

Vladimir Salnikov
President of the All-Russian Swimming Federation
Four-time Olympic swimming champion

For Athletes

Visa support


Please note that foreign participants or guests of the competition — residents of countries beyond the borders of the Russian Federation — are required to obtain Russian entrance visas.

Please fill out a visa invitation application form on our site. After you receive an electronic voucher from our authorized travel agency, Kalinka International, please contact your nearest Russian consulate. It is advisable to confirm an estimated waiting period, which might be fairly lengthy, as well as a list of required documents. As per the requirements of the Russian Embassy or Consulate, in order to receive your visa, please submit the required documents.

Fees charged by the consulate are your responsibility. Fees for visa invitations will be paid by the organising committee only for competition participants with official invitations.

Visa support information

Official Salnikov Cup travel agent:

Kalinka InternationalRussia

Saint-Petersburg Liteiny pr. 61, office 18
tel: +7 (812) 973 62 82,+7 (812) 273 96 36, fax: +7 (812) 719 80 17


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