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X Vladimir Salnikov's Cup will take place at 16-17 December, St. Petersburg

I would say the biggest achievement of all was the athletic edge, the struggle for victory, the sporting atmosphere, and the drive that everyone — the athletes, the honoured guests and the spectators — all felt.

Vladimir Salnikov
President of the All-Russian Swimming Federation
Four-time Olympic swimming champion

For Athletes



Breakfasts, lunches and dinners are served at the hotels where the athletes are staying, while lunches for the judges and St. Petersburg athletes are served at the café at the Swimming Centre.

Meal tickets can be received from the Organising Committee coordinator at your hotel.

Additionally, you can receive meal tickets from the Organising Committee in the hall of the Swimming Centre.

Meals at the Swimming Centre are paid for up to the amount specified on the ticket; additional expenses in excess of this limit should be paid for by athletes themselves.

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