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Preliminary rating of participants will be published on October 1

Dear friends! XII International swimming competition “Vladimir Salnikov Cup” will take place in St. Petersburg Swimming Centre on December 21-22. The tournament has already been discovering new stars of world swimming for 12 years. Join us!

I would say the biggest achievement of all was the athletic edge, the struggle for victory, the sporting atmosphere, and the drive that everyone — the athletes, the honoured guests and the spectators — all felt.

Vladimir Salnikov
President of the All-Russian Swimming Federation
Four-time Olympic swimming champion


Vladimir Morozov and Katinka Hošsu have won the


Vladimir Morozov and Katinka Hošsu have won the "Silver Shark" Vladimir Salnikov Cup

A new years gift from St Petersburg to all those who gathered at the pool and TV screens, is how the this competition was described by the four-time Olympic champion Vladimir Salnikov during the closing ceremony. Truly, this year's tournament was extraordinarily excting. 360 athletes competed for thirty-five sets of medals. The Netherlands achieved the greatest yield, having brought the strongest line-up to St. Petersburg. 10 gold and 4 silver medals were earned by athletes from the land of tulips. Second place was won by Hungary, which won 7 gold medals and 1 bronze medal. Six of them are thanks to Katinka Hošsu. Only once did the phenomenal record-holder from Hungary give up the top step of the podium during the Petersburg swim meets. However, if team medal standings for Russians was calculated for the entire country, they would be in first place. Petersburg athletes alone participated in eleven awards ceremonies (1 gold, 6 Silver and 4 bronze).

The growing level of the tournament is evidenced by the fact that eight athletes set new records for the Vladimir Salnikov Cup which, for the past eight years, has brought together the best athletes in the world. Yesterday the Russian record set by Vladimir Morozov for the 100 m medley has already made history. And today, a promising athlete Darya Ustinova has set four new Russian youth swimming records in the back-stroke (50 m, 100 m and 200 m double).

The 2014 Vladimir Salnikov Cup winners in the individual standings were: Danila Izotov (100 m freestyle, 200 m freestyle), Femke Heemskerk (100 m freestyle, 200 m freestyle), Oleg Kostin (50 m breaststroke; 200 m breaststroke), Monique Nihajs (50 m breaststroke, 100 m breaststroke), David Verrašto (400 m medley), Katinka Hošsu (100 m medley, 100 m butterfly, 50 m backstroke, 800 m freestyle, 200 m backstroke, 400 m medley), Eugene Rylov (100 m backstroke, 200 m backstroke), Alexander Kudashev (200 m butterfly), Maarten Bržoskovski (400 m freestyle, 1500 m freestyle), Ranomi Kromovijojo (50 m freestyle), Vladimir Morozov (100 m breaststroke, 100 m range, 50 m freestyle), Yevgeny Tsurkin (50 m butterfly, 100 m butterfly), Daria Ustinova (100 m backstroke), Vitaly Borisov (50 m backstroke), Maria Arsenyev (200 m butterfly), Esme Vermeulen (400 m freestyle), Maria Astaškina (200 m breaststroke), Inge Dekker (50 m butterfly).
In the traditional and exciting mixed relay, which culminated the competition day, the Moscow team defeated their rivals in the 4 x 50 m. Also in the relays, the Netherlands women's team came out winners (4 x 100 m relay in freestyle) and the men's team of St. Petersburg (4 x 100 m relay freestyle).

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